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Award for Prof. Dr.-Ing. Noé and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rückert

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Noé and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rückert from the Institute for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology receive first Award from North Rhine-Westphalia in the category Innovation

This year‘s Innovation Award from North Rhine -Westphalia in the category Innovation, was awarded to the Paderborn professors Reinhold Noé and Ulrich Rückert. The prize is a sum of 100.000 Euro.  Minister for Innovation Prof. Andreas Pinkwart handed over the award on November 17th during a festive ceremony.

“With Professors Noé and Rückert, the state government honors two scientists who, along with their research groups, have set a milestone in optical communications”, explains Minister Pinkwart.  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Noé leads the group for optical communiations and high frequency engineering, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rückert leads the group for circuit technology.  Using modern laser technology, they have succeeded in quadrupling the data transfer via fiber-optic cables.  The economic potential of this innovation has been estimated by experts to be worth several billion Euro.  Thanks to the Paderborn scientists, video communication could become cost effective in future.
Prof. Risch: "The award is a great result and a confirmation of the innovation potential of our region Ostwestfalen-Lippe.” Risch again: "With Reinhold Noé and Ulrich Rückert two renowned Paderborn electrical engineers have been honored.  “The award illustrates that the Institute for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is among the top in the category innovation in North Rhine Westphalia.” Insitute leader Prof. Dr. Sybille Hellebrand: "This is a wonderful suprise, which makes us very happy. And the award comfirms the current ranking by the Center for Development of Higher Education (Hochschulvergleich des Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung CHE), in which electrical engineering and IT in Paderborn made the top rank statewide.” 
The Innovation Award is new for 2008.  Worth 150.000 Euro, it is the second highest prize for innovation in Germany.  Responsible for the selection of nominees is a high-calibre 8-person jury, led by the president of the Max Planck Institute, Professor Peter Gruss.

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