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Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of NRW Graduate Schools at TU Dortmund

Quelle: Robert Timmermann

Quelle: Marco Stepniak

On November 18th, 2011, seven North-Rhine Westphalian Graduate Schools celebrated the 10th anniversary of their foundation with a top-flight panel discussion at the Technical University of Dortmund. An overview of the successful work over the past ten years by Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer, Chair of the International Graduate School Dynamic Intelligent Systems and Vice President for Research at the University of Paderborn was followed by a panel discussion about the future of doctoral education in Germany attended by North Rhine-Westphalia's Minister for Innovation, Science and Research, Svenja Schulze, the Secretary General of the German Research Foundation (DFG), Dorothee Dzwonnek and three delegates of the Graduate Schools.

In 2001 the Federal Government of North-Rhine Westphalia initiated the structured PhD program with the objective to establish internationally acknowledged centers of excellent doctoral education. Seven North-Rhine Westphalian Graduate Schools asserted themselves in a high-competitive tendering process. The interdisciplinary graduate programs offer doctoral candidates from all over the world an ideal research environment. Attractive projects provide them the glance beyond the edge of their own field of activity and an institutional project and quality management ensures the graduation within more or less three years.

“The structured doctoral education is a best practice model. It provides young scientists a good mentoring and supervision as well as an easy to schedule graduation period and attracts the best and brightest to the universities of North-Rhine Westphalia” confirms the Minister for Innovation, Science and Research Svenja Schulze.

The seven pioneers in structured PhD-programs are proud of more than 450 alumni and accept about 100 doctoral candidates from all over the world each year. Over 50 doctoral candidates from more than ten nations are currently working at the International Graduate School Dynamic Intelligent Systems of the University of Paderborn.

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