Wednesday, 15. December 2010 15.12.10 13:02 Age: 7 Jahre

Christian Gerth, Markus Luckey and Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels from the University of Paderborn receive prize for best paper together with Dr. Jochen M. Küster from IBM Research Zürich

Christian Gerth, Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels, Markus Luckey (f.l.t.r.)

The Distinguished Paper Award was part of an international conference in Oslo. Criteria for the winning paper are not only scientific quality, but impact on the scientific community as well as quality of the written and oral presentation of the innovative idea. The paper had already won the Best Student Paper Award at the International Conference on Service Computing (SCC 2010) in Miami in June.

The paper Precise Detection of Conflicting Change Operations Using Process Model Terms, describes an approach to conflict detection. Version management of process models requires that changes can be resolved by applying change operations. Conflict detection is an important part of version management and the minimization of the number of detected conflicts also reduces the overhead when resolving changes. As not every syntactic conflict leads to a conflict when taking into account model semantics, a computation of conflicts solely on the syntax leads to an unnecessary high number of conflicts. The paper introduces the notion of syntactic and semantic conflicts for change operations of process models and provides a method how to efficiently compute conflicts, using a term formalization of process models. Using this approach, the number of overall conflicts can be reduced significantly, thereby reducing the amount of work for the user when resolving conflicts.

Christian Gerth, Dr. Jochen M. Küster, Markus Luckey and Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels received the award during the 13th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2010) in Oslo, Norway. The conference was hosted by the IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization for engineers and computer scientists.

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