Wednesday, 17. November 2010 17.11.10 13:29 Age: 7 Jahre

EXIST project ITpreneurship is German nominee for the European Enterprise Award 2010/2011

PACE was one of four university partners who ran the EXIST project “ITpreneurship: Kooperative Gründungsinitiative Hochschule – Wirtschaft im IT-Cluster Paderborn”. The project aim was to link university members interested in founding their own company on the IT market, with regional IT-companies providing a novel business idea in this area.
Selected by an expert jury of nine members, the project has now been nominated as one of the two German projects for the European Enterprise Award 2010/2011. The final decision will be announced by the European Commission during a ceremony in May 2011 in Budapest, Hungary.
Five years ago, the European Commission established this award to honor outstanding achievements in promoting entrepreneurship.

Further project information can be found here.

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