Thursday, 28. February 2013 28.02.13 10:31 Age: 5 Jahre

PACE Members honored for excellent research

Dr. Christian Gerth (second from left)

Simon Boxnick (first from right)

To honor excellent young scientists in several categories is traditionally part of the University of Paderborn’s New Year reception. On January 20, 2013, two PACE members were honored for their excellent research work.

Dr. Christian Gerth, alumnus of the IGS “Dynamic Intelligent Systems”, received the price for his excellent dissertation. Simon Boxnick, doctoral candidate of the IGS, was honored for his excellent master thesis in the category of Engineering and Natural Sciences. He is now admitted to the 3-year PhD-program “Dynamic Intelligent Systems”.

(Fotos: Patrick Kleibold, Universität Paderborn)

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