Friday, 19. February 2010 19.02.10 13:44 Age: 8 Jahre

ZONTA Club Paderborn gives award to Dr. Anke Pohl -- PACE successful in doctoral education

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer, Bärbel Meerkötter, Dr. Anke Pohl, Prof. Dr. Joachim Hilgert

Four international doctoral programs, representing more than 90 doctoral students, work together at the University of Paderborn in the Paderborn Institute for Advanced Studies in Computer Science and Engineering (PACE). The success of this partnership was demonstrated at the PACE Annual Ceremony on February 12, 2010. One highlight of the event was the Zonta Club Paderborn Award for Dr. Anke Pohl, honoring the young mathematician for her excellent scientific work.

The Zonta Club award of 1000 Euro was handed over during the PACE annual ceremony for the third year in a row. On this occasion, Zonta member Bärbel Meerkötter stressed the fact that Zonta, as an association of professional women, created the award with the aim of supporting young women in their choice for a technical or natural sciences-oriented course of studies. In his speech honoring Anke Pohl, Prof. Dr. Joachim Hilgert stressed the exceptional mathematical skills she demonstrated from her very first semester onwards, as well as her tireless dedication to the success of her fellow students. He had high hopes that Ms. Pohl, who accepted a position at the Eidgenössisch Technische Hochschule (ETH) in Zürich, would one day return as a professor to Germany.

According to PACE chair Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer, the intsitute is performing well overall. He reported a 90% increase in national and international applications for the three-year structural doctoral programs. PACE is also working successfully with other graduate schools and is currently helping to develop a doctoral research center in Banja Luka (Bosnia).

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