Language Implementation Tools

We have combined a variety of standard tools that implement powerful compiler construction strategies into a domain-specific programming environment called Eli. Using this environment, one can automatically generate complete language implementations from application-oriented specifications. Eli provides modern compiler construction facilities to users with a wide range of sophistication. It offers complete solutions for commonly-encountered language implementation subtasks and contains libraries of reusable specifications, making possible the production of high-quality implementations from simple problem descriptions. The system has been in the field since 1989, and has been used in a number of projects worldwide. Eli is developed in cooperation with the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA and Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Our group's main contributions to Eli:
Liga a generator for dependence controlled computations on abstract structure trees. Based on attibute grammars.
Cola a parser generator.
Ptg a pattern based generator for structured texts.
Modlib libraries of generic specification modules for common language implementation subtasks.
Eli is free software as defined by the GNU Public License. More information on Eli includes system overview, online documentation, examples, download , etc.

Visit the Eli project Home at SourceForge.

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