We develop guidelines and teaching materials for
visualization and graphics curricula and courses. 

     Contact Gitta Domik (domik - at - upb - dot - de)

VIS & GRAPHICS Materials:

  • In-Class Exercises for Shadow Mapping and Shadow Volume Algorithms. See IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 35, issues 2 and 3, for solutions. Or, if you are an educator, write to Gitta Domik for a solution sheet.
    Additional Material Download: ShadowWeb (ZIP or TAR)
    Online ShadowWeb WebGL Demonstration
  • "System and Tools" chapter (Chapter 8 of our Tutorial on Visualization) was updated again.
  • "Call for Contributions to the IEEE Computer Graphics and Application’s New Education Department", BOF at SIGGRAPH 2011, was held by G. Scott Owen and Gitta Domik. Here is the summary.


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