We develop guidelines and teaching materials for
visualization and graphics curricula and courses. 

     Contact Gitta Domik (domik - at - upb - dot - de)


  • In-Class Exercises for Shadow Mapping and Shadow Volume Algorithms. See IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 35, issues 2 and 3, for solutions. Or, if you are an educator, write to Gitta Domik for a solution sheet.
    Additional Material Download: ShadowWeb (ZIP or TAR)
    Online ShadowWeb WebGL Demonstration
  • Check out the Education Department at IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications for new ideas and improvement with your education work in the areas of computer graphics, visualization, games and related topics. We feature a new Education article every issue. Get in touch with me if you have done good education work that we could feature. 


  • Call for Submissions for the IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Education Department! Submit informal abstract (1 page max) to G. Scott Owen (owen - at - siggraph - dot - org) or Gitta Domik (domik - at - siggraph - dot - org). Use these guidelines for the final paper.


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