Allow us to introduce you to PACE, the University of Paderborn institute that organizes our three-year PhD programs in mathematics, mechanical and electrical engineering, informatics, and the natural sciences. Paderborn University was one of the first institutions in Germany to offer international students fully funded PhD programs in English, and to combine these with organized cultural events and soft skill training. Since the year 2001, our expertise has grown in guiding doctoral researchers towards their degrees within an average of 38 months. We are very proud of our more than 100 alumni from all over the globe.

The following webpages should give you a good impression of who we are and why Paderborn would be an excellent place for you to complete your PhD. We are looking for the most talented students to join us in furthering our innovative scientific research. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and be sure to explore the further information on our website.

We hope to meet you in Paderborn soon!

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