"Since I'm personally very interested in research, it is really enjoyable for me to do a Ph.D. Not only can you study the topic you find fascinating, but you also get a decent scholarship and receive a highly valued degree after concluding your studies. I chose in particular to study at the computer science department in Paderborn due to matching research interests, as well as the department's and my supervisors' excellent reputation."– Peter Janacik, PACE PhD-student

Current student projects

Below you will find examples of short abstracts of the type of doctoral research currently being done by students at PACE.  We hope this will give you an idea of the type of project you could be doing if you choose to complete your PhD in Paderborn.

Name:Michael Schubert

Across-the-board graphs are used to describe the properties of systems. For example traffic systems or computer networks are often visualized by graphs. Although graphs play an important role in various fields, there are many open questions about the relationships between the invariants of graphs. Especially for applications the study of these structures is not only important, but also necessary to find appropriate solutions with respect to handling the involved data in short time.

My research falls within the scope of discrete mathematics, in particular in graph theory. Specifically I consider the structure of graphs in terms of circular flows and colorings. Circular flows describe a natural refinement and generalization of map-colorings for non-planar graphs on orientable surfaces. Also this concept can easily be extended to graphs-embeddings on non-orientable 2-manifolds. The relationship between the circular flow number and the structural properties and measurements for structural properties of a graph is a very interesting aspect, and will be the main contribution of my research project.

Name:Yingli Kang

My research interests lies in graph theory, and in particular in the theory of signed graphs. A signed graph is a graph in which some of the edges have been designated as positive and the remaining as negative. In contrast to the exploding development in various aspects of graph theory,  signed graphs still keep the mystery though some invariants were studied, such as matroid, balance, flow and so on.

A main attempt of my research project is to explore the structural property of signed graphs in terms of coloring. The challenging part during my research is the different behavior shown in many place by signed graphs from the unsigned graphs, though the concept of signed graphs generalizes the one of unsigned graphs.

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