Wednesday, 23. November 2011 23.11.11 09:37 Age: 6 Jahre

Daimler Environmental Leadership Award 2011

A Daimler fellow in the International Graduate School of Dynamic Intelligent Systems has been awarded with the "Daimler Environmental Leadership Award", an award for outstanding production related environmental protection projects. In an application of methods researched in his PhD project, Tim Schöneberg has developed mathematical algorithms to improve the utilization of third party logistic service providers' vehicles. Higher utilization leads to significant savings in both ecologic and economic terms. Carbondioxide emissions are lowered due to less driven truck kilometres while simultaneously  freight cost are reduced by reasonable numbers. The project team consisted of partners from two different Daimler sites, Daimler Research facility in Ulm, the Decision Support & Operations Research Lab and the Orconomy GmbH, a technology oriented startup founded by former graduate school member Jens-Peter Kempkes.

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