Thursday, 05. April 2012 05.04.12 11:03 Age: 6 Jahre

Experience abroad: Visit to IEOR at University of California, Berkeley

From 15.11.2011 to 06.02.2012, Marc Naumann was as a visiting student researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) at UC Berkeley.

IEOR is the department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the renowned   University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley is in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers a lot of recreational activities, nice cities and is also the home of the Silicon Valley, where lots of innovations and technologies were developed.

Research areas of the IEOR are mathematical programming, robust optimization, supply chain management or simulation, for example. The IEOR faculty consists of a large number of professors who do research in a wide area of both theoretical and applied fields.

The goal of this visit was to carry out a collaborative research project about robust vehicle scheduling in public bus transport. The cooperation was very pleasant, very fruitful and will be large contribution to Marc’s thesis.

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