Friday, 23. March 2012 23.03.12 14:49 Age: 6 Jahre

Experience abroad: Visit to IRIDIA, Brussels

From 01.09.2011 to 07.01.2012, Yara Khaluf was as a PhD student visitor at IRIDIA - Brussels, by Prof. Marco Dorigo.
IRIDIA is the Artificial Intelligence research laboratory of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). It is mainly involved in the theoretical and applied research in computational intelligence. The major domains of competence are: (i) swarm intelligence, (ii) metaheuristics for the solution of combinatorial and continuous space optimization problems, (iii) the foundational study of biological networks, and (iv) business intelligence applications see
The goal of the visit was to deepen her research concerning " Deadline Planning on Swarm Robotics" by starting an efficient cooperation at IRIDIA which has helped to shape her research directions. A part of Prof. Dorigo's research group is mainly specialized in "swarm robotics" under different aspects varied between theory and practice. This has offered, in turn, a big chance for triggering a lot of rich discussions ending up with useful cooperations. These cooperations were continuing after she returned to the university of Paderborn and possible future visits to IRIDIA are to be planned.
Brussels itself is an amazing city with its: Grand Place, Atomium, Mini-Europe and a lot of wonderful historical buildings, churches and gardens. It was a unique opportunity and a unique experience.

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