Thursday, 11. November 2010 11.11.10 13:53 Age: 7 Jahre

PACE Annual Celebration

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Steffen, PACE managing director, Youngmin Martin Kim, Daniel Brodkorb, Prof. Dr. Leon Osterweil (f.l.t.r.) Photo: Robert Timmermann

This year’s PACE Annual Celebration took place on Friday, October 29th. More than 70 faculty members, PhD students and guests were informed about the achievements this past year, and followed the fascinating keynote lecture “Using Process Technology to Improve the Quality of Medical Systems“ delivered by PACE advisory board member Prof. Dr. Leon J. Osterweil from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA. Using the example of mistaken blood types in transfusions, he explained how the application of information technology can help to protect the life of thousands of people per year throughout the world.

Moreover, the certificates of the PACE Best Presentation Awards were handed over to Daniel Brodkorb and Youngmin Martin Kim for their outstanding presentations held as part of the respective graduate study programs this year. Afterwards, Mr. Kim, the PACE overall winner, gave his awarded presentation.
Finally, PACE chair Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer invited all participants to finish the evening with a three-course dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.

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