Sunday, 26. July 2009 26.07.09 15:20 Age: 9 Jahre

PACE – Doctoral students visit European capital

Once a year, the Paderborn Institute for Advanced Studies in Computer Science and Engineering (PACE) organizes a cultural trip to interesting German and European cities.

The background of these cultural trips is to foster the cultural awareness of our students and to promote networking between them. We have learned from experience that the contacts between our doctoral students from different countries and work groups are intensified during these yearly events.

The overall goal of our trips is usually a visit to a company that manufactures goods or provides services of interest to our students’ research. On our trip to Brussels however, we focused on the development and quality of doctoral education in Europe. Our host for this topic was the European University Association.

The EUA represents the interests of European universities in Brussels, and it is seen as the European voice of universities concerning academic education policy. Here, doctoral students were introduced to Dr. Thomas Jørgensen, EUA Senior Program Manager, who went on to explain the EU approach to quality assurance and policy development in doctoral education.

Brussels does have much more to offer than European Union matters, and this was what our students could enjoy during the rest of the trip. Apart from chocolate and frites, the history and cultural diversity of Brussels was experienced by all during a brewery visit and a fascinating bike tour that highlighted the architectural, cultural, and political aspects of Belgium’s capital.

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