Thursday, 15. July 2010 15.07.10 09:12 Age: 8 Jahre

PACE Soccer Cup 2010

As the two great soccer events this year, the PACE Soccer Chanllenge and the FIFA World Cup, have come to an end it’s time for a little summarization. In both cases the favorites were struggling while a team which has never before won the cup made the first place. But in contrast to Spain, the victorious Team Hilgert managed to win without losing a single game.  Team Rammig and the SCT Devils completed the Podium with Rank 2 and 3.

This year the soccer cup benefited from a record participation of ten teams which lead to a great number of exciting games and even a penalty shooting to reach the semifinals. Though the matches were sometimes hard- fought, fair play was committed by all teams and, in contrast to the World Cup, there was no reason to complain about the referees. As in the past years, we can sum up the tournament by having a lot of teams which had a lot of fun and we hope to see again as many teams as possible at the PACE Soccer Cup 2011.

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