Tuesday, 17. May 2011 17.05.11 10:39 Age: 7 Jahre

The ninth PACE Soccer Challenge Cup – for the first time as open-air event

The PACE Soccer Challenge Cup has become a true classic event during the past few years. This year it took place on the artificial grass field of the University’s sports area – for the first time in the open air – on May 14th, 2011, at 10 am.

Altogether 50 participants divided into six teams fought a couple of exciting 8-minute-matches with the final winning team of AG Rammig. The tournament was stirring until the end, since after the first half, team Hilgert/Klüners was dominating. However, within the second half team Rammig managed to win, leaving the second place to team Hilgert/Klüners. Owing to a breathtaking pursuit race in the second half the team JG’S Junx (und Mädels) progressed up to rank three. Primarily all the teams had a lot of fun. A further important factor for the successful day was the nice weather.

The famous hobby tournament took place for the first time in 2003. Since then it has become a fixed date in the PACE calendar. Each year it is organized by the winning team. We are looking forward to the PACE Soccer Challenge Cup 2012 and hope to welcome as many teams as possible.

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