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University of Paderborn participated in two projects of the European University Association (EUA)

EUA has recently published a report with the outcomes of the DOC-CAREERS II project – Promoting Collaborative Doctoral Education for Enhanced Career Opportunities (2009-2012). The DOC-CAREERS II project built on the first DOC-CAREERS project (2006-2009) and sought to further test and validate the main results of the first project, as well as to involve universities, their business partners and doctoral candidates with a view to collect “full stories” of collaborative doctoral experience.

Dr. Lidia Borrell-Damian (Director for Research and Innovation, EUA): “The project proved that there is no “one-size-fits-all solutions” for successful collaboration. The partners have to take into account the way they do things/business in their region”.

The Paderborn Institute for Advanced Studies for Computer Science and Engineering (PACE) was involved in this project as a case study and in person of Professor Dr. Eckhard Steffen who was member of the steering committee of the project.

EUA also published the report “EUIMA University-Business collaborative research: Goals, outcomes and new assessment tools”. The EUIMA-project aimed at identifying the necessary requirements and adjustments that universities needed to make in terms of human resource profiles (researchers, managers, etc.) to take forward and support the development of collaborative research and increase the attractiveness of university careers, both in research and in managing the partnership. Here the University of Paderborn was involved with the two university-industry research centers "s-lab - Software Quality Lab" und "C-Lab".

The reports can be downloaded on

(German translation available here)

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