Research Group Specification and Modelling of Software Systems


The research focus of the group is on model-based development with formal methods. Formal methods are languages for describing software and hardware (specification), which are equipped with a formal mathematical semantics. On the basis of such a description a formal proof of correctness of the system can be carried out (verification). The general objective of such a design technique is the development of high quality systems. 

Latest teaching offers and information regarding our research group can be found on our new web page (link).

Hind row (left to right): Steffen Ziegert, Dominik Steenken, Galina Besova

Middle row (left to right): Steffen Beringer, Tobias Isenberg, Heike Wehrheim, Sven Walther

Front row (left to right): Elisabeth Schlatt, Oleg Travkin, Marie-Christine Jakobs

Not present: Julia Krämer, Manuel Töws

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